Gateway to India by Kelly at

My family and I recently drove over to Sarasota to do some shopping, and after we were done we stopped over on Hillview Street to find a place to have a small pick-me-up.  Hillview Street in Sarasota has a number of restaurants, and there are a number of places left there for us to try.  On this particular evening, we stepped into Gateway to India.  I have to say the restaurant was real beautiful inside and themes of India dominated.  There was the Hindu god Ganesh that is inside the beginning of the restaurant along with brightly painted walls and artfully arranged cloth drapery throughout. We were promptly given a table along with the menus.
For drinks, we decided to go with a beer from India, Kingfisher beer,  a nice lager that goes just perfectly with spicy food.  For appetizers, there was a large selection of vegetarian options.  For our vegetarian appetizer choices we ordered the Vegetable Pakoras and the Samosas which were filled with potatoes and peas.  For a non-vegetarian appetizer, we chose the Chicken Tikka.  After what seemed like a short wait, our appetizers arrived.  The food was attractively arranged and the vegetable appetizers came with a tamarind chutney a mint chutney for dipping.  The samosas and the pakoras were quite delicious and the chutneys that came with them were both good, but the mint chutney was our favorite and quite irresistible.  My son and I enjoyed the Chicken Tikka, but I would have maybe liked it a little bit spicier, but levels of spiciness are always rather a matter of personal preference.  While we went for just appetizers, it ended up being quite filling and we left very satisfied.  This is definitely a place I would stop in next time to try the full meal experience.